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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today I was presented with my first award. Actually, I didn't know anything like this existed, but I am excited to receive.  To Lana Koopman of My Design, My Life , thank you so very much for your recognition. 

According to the rules of this sweet award, my acceptance speech must include:
  • seven random facts about myself
  • a thank you to the person who nominated me with a link to their blog
  • passing on the award to at least eight other bloggy pals
Ok, here goes:

Seven random facts about me:
1. I am a super taster/smeller.  Chances are I can figure out ingredients in a recipe upon taste.  If I smell someones perfume and find out the name, I probably will never forget it (the smell or the name). I recently was able to fulfill a dream of creating my own perfume in Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. It doesn't smell very good. Haha
2.  My dream job would be to be an event decorator and have a creative partner to fuel eachothers creative energies.
3. I take forever to tell a story and tend to go off on tangents.
4. Pet peaves...... dog's riding on a driver's lap, kids not in backseat, towels not folded neatly, kid's saying "like" all the time.
5. I cherish my longgggg walks with my daughter.  (wish my other daughter would join us in the fun)
6. I have a 83lb Goldendoodle that puts a smile on my face even when I don't always feel like smiling.
7. I'm known for my mint juleps and have an amazing porch perfect for drinking them on.  However, I have just discovered how to create the BEST Pineapple/Basil/Mojito and I may be posting a tutorial very soon.  Delish!!!!

Now I am passing the award on to: (in no particular order)

1. Keren of freeprettythingsforyou - She has the most darling selection of FREE vintage image/clip art, has awesome giveaways, pretty diy crafts, party planning ideas and is super sweet with advice to help out the new blogger ;).
2. Susan of Mapleandmagnolia - decorator extraordinaire!!!  Holy smokes! This women accomplishes more in one day than I can in a year.  She has an incredible eye for design and recently purchased a new farmhouse that already looks as if she has had it for years. Amazing before and afters.  I am addicted to her site.
3. Anders Ruff of FabulousFeaturesbyAndersRuffCustomDesigns - Showcases the most incredibly decorated parties and printable accessories. So creative and inspiring.
4. Beth of PatinaWhite - her site was my first exposure into the blog world. She amazes me with her eye for finding beauty in JUNK. She has incredible eye for fashion, decorating, and is so darn clever with her creations.
5. Lisa of LisaLeonardDesigns -her jewelry designs are so personal, her eye for creative photojournalism is touching, and her writing touches my soul. She is everyone's sweetheart.
6. Cindy of MyRomanticHome - if it weren't for the men in my life, i would LOVE to decorated like Cindy.  Her style is so perfectly feminine and pretty. She is such an inspiring independant woman.
7. Courtney of pizzazzerie - everything you could ever desire in entertaining ideas. This site has it all!
8. Tina of CherryHillCottage - of all the blogs I follow, I have been the most inspired by this one.  Tina's taste is closest to mine (or at least.... how I WISH mine was!). I love all her ideas and wish I could borrow her for one day to work her magic in my home.

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  1. Thank you so much for the award! I'm now craving a mojito! It's so hot here this weekend!!!